Under 6 hours from London, Amsterdam or Brussels with no or limited time difference, The Gambia is an exciting all year round destination know for it’s great hospitality, friendly people, excellent cuisine and the perfect climate. Rain is virtually unheard of from November through June, during the summer months the short but heavy showers transfer this already green country, into a lush tropical paradise.

The major resorts are nothing compared to the big resorts in other popular destinations, beaches are great and tranquil. The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa and is mainly flat and dominated by the majestic River Gambia from which it takes its name. The climate is sub-tropical, fascinating and rich culture, good fishing and bird watching, historic sites and loads of sun, this is a great and safe holiday destination.

The pace of life is unhurried and sometimes things can take forever but there is always a smile. First time travelers are not always prepared for the cultural shock awaiting them in a developing country where there is poverty but the friendliness of the Gambians will capture each visitor. Once you get to understand the day to day priorities in Gambia you will easily adapt, lodging in the rural area of Sitanunku will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Sitanunku is located on the North Bank and there are no busy resorts, supermarkets, night clubs or shopping centers around but there is tranquility, great hospitality, beautiful nature, great fishing and good food. You can revive yourself during your stay, get one with the natural pace of life and explore rural and unspoilt Africa.

More information about The Gambia can be found on www.visitthegambia.gm

6 hours flying time
Easy journey
Over 30 degrees
Friendly & English speaking
Rich culture
Great food
Excellent fishing
Unspoilt Africa